Are You Being Fooled By Fake Organic Claims On Products

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Wouldn’t you be angry and feel misled if items you paid the extra dollars for organic quality weren’t quite so organic in the end? 26 companies happen to be pulling the wool over the shoppers eyes with improperly labeled items and already subject to a lawsuit started by the environmental group The Center for Environmental Health.

In California the labeling law requires organic labelled products to have at the least 70 % organic ingredients. These companies had not been meeting what’s needed for numerous of their goods, deceiving consumers about what they were actually buying.

The good news is a few of the big organic products retailer’s are taking the initiative. Whole Foods reported that it’s going to halt bogus organic labeling from its vendors. This means personal care products making organic statements must satisfy the same certification requirements as required for food and food items. Customers are going to have a improved sense of what they’re buying when they purchase a beauty product with organic claims.

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