Why you should be Polite to your Waitress

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Waitress job is an honorable job in the hospitality industry. Because of her excellent performance, customer will really enjoy their time with her. She can make every customer become happy and feel in at their home atmosphere. She can let her customer forget their tiredness and fatigue when she shows up.

People will never forget their golden moment after they get the excellent service from her. Whoever will respect her because her job shows her wisdom and talent.
In the past, the old generation thought that waitress job was low class job in the society. Most of them didn’t want their daughter to be a waitress; they thought that waitress got less money and face many troubles to her guests. It is very easy to get complain from the guest when something working not smoothly. They didn’t understand what the real meaning of a waitress is.

They misunderstood the waitress job; they would rather let their daughter work at another job. Actually their thinking is not correct, because they neglect the importance of a waitress job. They don’t understand the waitress can bring the happiness and joyfulness to the people. When people think of that; the waitress job is really a great job. She will be proud of herself because she can create the new environment and good atmosphere for her customers. She should be praised and encouraged. People will thank her excellent job and her hardness.
If you are a guest, please understand the waitress situation.

Try to not scold or blame the waitress when you think her job is not perfect; for example, due to some reason the food is delayed, wrong food order, or drink spilled on the clothes etc. Sometimes the restaurant is very busy and less manpower, it might make some mistakes, and especially the kitchen side is easy to create some problem. It cause the food served late or served to the wrong table. When this kind of things happen to you, you should clam down and check the waitress, let her follow up your problem. Never show your attitude or lose your temper to her. You have to understand her and excuse her, let her not feel embarrass. Because the situation might be very hard for her, the workload is over her capacity at that moment.

If you treat the waitress not properly, it may hurt her heart. When you see her next time you might difficult to get your satisfied service from her. She also will escape you when she see you again. If you do it like that you can not enjoy your meal anymore. On the contrary, if you treat your waitress very politely even she happen some small mistakes. She will never forget you and try to recover her job mistake as soon as possible. She will keep an eye on you and do her best for you whenever she serves you.

She will remember you and provide the convenience to you when you see her. Whatever you need she will try her best to satisfied you and show her helpfulness. You will feel really happy when you see her next time.

Should Cell Phones be Banned in Restaurants – No

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“Ooops. I dropped my fork.” It will be a loud noise, and it will get attention of all people in the restaurant. What should we do? Maybe, we should ban using forks in restaurants. What do you think?

Respect to all:

It is a part of social life to respect others in any place, from noisy subway stations to up-town fine dining restaurants.  If a place is noisy, it doesn’t mean that we can make more noise there. Maybe, if you try to be less noisy, that place become a relaxing place too.

Movie theaters:

Let’s go to another place, the movie theaters. The sound effects in the movie theaters are an important part of the experience. The audience in the theater are deep in the story, and almost are disconnected from the environment around them. If a cell phone starts to ring, it will ruin the whole experience. None of the audience could follow the movie in the same way. It is an obvious fact. But, despite this, nobody is asking to ban cell phones in the theaters. What is asked from the people in the theater is to put their cell phone in silence mode, or turn it off. Cell phone is part of our life.

Cell phones and life:

Without cell phones, we cannot have such a confidence to go out, to go to a theater, or any other things. It assures us that if something unexpected happens, we can be reached any where, any time (I hope so). Almost all people in a restaurant know this, and maybe have a chance to go out dining because of this miracle. If cell phones are banned in the restaurant, the number of people who could go dining will be reduced , and many people become nervous because they don’t know what is happening out there. For sure, owners of restaurants don’t want this.

Final word:

The simplest solution would be that the owner of a restaurant/servant could ask the people to put their cell phones in silence mode when they are going to sit at the table. It is an option that any restaurant could adopt. It is like BYOB option. There will be two type of restaurants, one that allows cell phones anyway, and the others that ask that cell phones be set in silence mode during the dining time. They can put this on their ads, and info. Then, the people can choose. If somebody is so sensitive to the cell phone rings, they could select a restaurant from the second group, and so on. There is no need to ban a device, just because of personal the preferences of one group of people.