How to Gracefully Dine alone

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I used to see people eating in a restaurant by themselves and feel bad for them. I know it was judgemental, but for some reason it always seemed sad to me that they had no one to eat with and talk to. Suddenly, one day I realized that some people may actually eat alone by choice. It may be the one time of day they get a few minutes alone or it may be a time that they use for other things. Regardless, I began to wonder what it would be like to go into an eating establishment and say “One” when asked how many. So, I did just that one day and I learned a great deal about dining alone.

The first thing I learned is that it can be a very relaxing time. When you first get to your table, it is important to pick the seat that you want. After all, there is nobody there to tell you otherwise. Once seated, take your time and peruse the menu because unless you are in a hurry, there is no reason to rush. Be sure to ask those questions that you might usually stifle to save time when eating out. Have that glass of wine or that appetizer that you always think you would enjoy. The more comfortable you are, the more graceful you will be.

Another thing I learned, was that when dining alone, nobody else is paying any attention. They might look up when you walk by, but unless you feel the need to explain to the waiter or waitress why you are alone, most people could not care less. So, relax and enjoy. There is no need to keep looking around to see who is watching you because I did just that and the answer is for the most part, not one single person is watching.

Finally, if you are concerned about looking obvious, bring something to do. Maybe it would be a good time to write a grocery list or a quick thank you card. You could calculate your checkbook. This tip is especially helpful if you feel self-conscious about being there alone. It will keep you occupied while waiting for the meal.

There is no shame in dining alone and you should feel free to do so should the occasion ever arise. You may just find that it is a welcome treat every once in awhile.

Expected behaviour at a business lunch

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Business luncheons are organized to ease the usual work tension and to provide a more conducive environment outside the work environment to do business. It helps a great deal to motivate and refresh business partners and associates. Some business luncheons are organized to test how well an employee or prospective employee can represent the owner of a business and his business especially when asked to transact business with other associates at a luncheon. Some individuals usually get carried away and make some avoidable mistakes; they forget the fact that they are not in their living rooms. As an employee, you would not want to embarrass your boss during one of those luncheons.

Table manners

The basic thing to note during a business luncheon is to observe the basic table manners; do not blow your nose into your napkin as this could be nauseating, do not eat with your mouth wide open and of course don’t forget that your boss is not interested in the sound that comes from your mouth while eating. Manage the use of your cutlery and do not drop anything that falls from your mouth into your plate.

You would not want to look stupid where your boss is, in other words, do not go to the luncheon unprepared. Check online for the menu list of the restaurant where the luncheon is being held, this helps you to have an idea of what is served at the restaurant so that when it is time to choose from the actual menu, you would be sending a message that you are smart in your decision making; this makes your boss happy and satisfied that he has hired the right person in his organization.

Avoid competing with your boss. In most cases, do not order the same meal that your boss orders so as not to question his authority as the boss, if you do, you make your boss feel threatened. In cases where your boss recommends a meal for you, though, do not object. Just smile and flow so that it would not destabilize you and make you feel unserious and unsettled.

With your boss with you on the same table, you would not want to be rude, so put your mobile device- iPhone, blackberry on silent mode or you can switch them off so that you would not be tempted to pick calls during business conversation. Not only that your ring tones can disrupt the meeting and the purpose of the luncheon might seem thwarted.