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A good cheese platter offers not only a tempting selection but is visually pleasing and appropriate for the party. Small chunks of cheese are usually the best, since you don’t want that one guest who doesn’t wash his hands to touch anyone else’s food. Though good crackers and perhaps lunch meats should be set close by, we will focus on the cheese platter.

Variety adds color and taste and is far more likely to be pleasing to everyone. A good spicy cheese is recommended for at least one of your choices, usually pepper jack or something similar. Then include something mild so guests can mix and match. A mild cheddar is good as well as mozzarella or swiss. Of course these are white or white-ish cheeses, so browse the cheese aisle to select some darker ranges. Dark cheddars, smokey cheeses, even blue cheese can add color.

When shopping for cheese, browse through the store for the cheese selection. Many stores offer a wide variety. It helps to take the time to pick up each choice for the cheese platter and ask yourself what it would look like on the tray, it’s taste, and how it will blend in with the other foods offered. Ask the deli personnel if you have questions, or look online for a particular cheese. Someone, somewhere, will have written about it.

A wonderful choice for the cheese platter is to include a few expensive cheeses. Brie can be lovely and fresh, something the average poor party goers doesn’t get too often. Havarti is a good choice, being a mild tasting creamy cheese that taste, to me, like swiss, yet Havarti can melt smoothly. Expensive cheese are usually by themselves in a deli and are smaller chunks with higher prices. The choices can be amazing and overwhelming; just pick a few that sound good.

Now, shapes. Cubes are good, especially if you toothpicks nearby. Triangles are a common choice, though they seem a bit common. Most sliced cheese comes in square that can be easily be cut into triangles, though, so this choices for a cheese platter offers quick, easy, simplicity. Spreadable cheeses can be challenging. Use plastic wrap ( cheese won’t stick to it well, but you can try.) or tin foil or something under it to form a wedge and layer other cheeses along side it.

Cheeses that look alike but are different can be in different shapes. A near sighted guest mistaking a spicy pepperjack for mild cheddar will be in for a surprise. When laying cheese on the platter, keep different flavors separate by using different colors or spreadables between them, or using crackers between rows for variety.

Of course, for many cheese platters, they can be bought already made up from a store. These offer a wide selection and are visually pleasing, though a bit more expensive than doing it yourself. Unless of course, you had to buy all the cheeses and weren’t going to use that much, in which case it might be cheaper to select a platter of cheese already made up.

You have a choice for your cheese platter in color, taste, and shape. The selection are only limited by what’s available in your region. And when you add cracker choices and dips, the choices can seem unlimited. The best cheese platters offer a wide selection and are artistic in their design. Browse premade platters for ideas or go simple and use only your favorite cheeses.

Whatever the choice you make there are few wrong choices to make, and so many other things to worry about, just go hog wild. Buy whatever sounds good, looks good, tastes good. You may be surprised by how well your guests like your choice.

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