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People who work hard at their jobs deserve to be paid for their efforts, but, receiving an extra “bonus” by means of a tip should not be expected in the restaurant industry.  Most people tip restaurant wait staff even if they don’t want to tip them but do so in fear of appearing cheap and ungrateful.  Most people who dine in restaurants are aware that wait staff are hopeful that diners will leave tips behind because waiters and waitresses are paid less than the minimum wage due to the liquor tax.  However, it is not the diners’ fault that the restaurant’s owners are paying the wait staff so poorly. 

When people are chastised by others for not tipping, what is actually happening is that they are being “told” how they should spend their own money.  Everyone makes money from someone else but once the money is made, it is our own money to keep and decide what to do with it.  Waiting tables may or may not be a difficult job, but every profession is challenging and police officers, teachers, firefighters and doctors don’t get tips for doing their jobs; jobs that they had to invest money in for being trained to perform their jobs.  Accountants, attorneys, travel agents and farmers don’t get tips for performing their job duties either.  There is no reason to pressure people to tip restaurant wait staff for performing their job duties when the MAJORITY of people do not receive tips at their workplaces.

How difficult and strenuous is it for a bartender to open a bottle of beer and pour the liquid into a glass?  The answer is that opening and pouring a beverage is not very difficult and everyone can do it!  Why should a busboy or a waiter be paid “extra” for clearing the table when we don’t get paid “extra” to do that ourselves in our own homes?  Wait staff who work in Canada and in the United States of America expect to be tipped for giving good service, but tipping is OPTIONAL and NOT legally mandatory.  However, some wait staff complain if they don’t get a tip and some even have the nerve to confront diners as to why they didn’t receive a tip from them!  Restaurant wait staff are already being paid by the restaurant owners to do their jobs.  Granted, the hourly wage that restaurant wait staff receive is not a lot of money but it is not the customer’s job to pay the wait staff’’s salary.  If waiters and waitresses are not happy with how much they get paid then perhaps they should discuss a pay raise with their managers or find another job.

Tipping restaurant staff is customary in North America but in many other countries around the world, tipping is not done, nor is it expected.  European countries, Japan, Australia and several other nations don’t pressure patrons to tip because waiters make higher wages in those countries.  It is absolutely shameful that wait staff working in North America do not get paid a high enough wage before tips to make a decent living but it is equally shameful to make diners feel “cheap” and “mean” for choosing not to tip.  If tipping was abolished, there would be no pressure to pay more money on top of the restaurant bill if you don’t feel comfortable doing that.  Tipping is a CHOICE and in a democratic country everyone has the right to choose how their hard earned money should be spent. 

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