Great Restaurants in El Paso Part 1

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El Paso, Texas – the Sun City – is known for its food, and, obviously, it’s a city known for its Mexican food.  If you’re planning on visiting El Paso or moving to the city, here are some of the places you should try, in no particular order:

Carlos & Mickey’s is a Mexican restaurant and bar located at 1310 Magruder Street.  It’s ornately decorated inside, and there is a Mariachi band that roams around, performing for the patrons.  One excellent dish is the Carnitas Pork Tips – chunks of marinated pork deep fried and served with tortillas.  The salsa the restaurant serves is spicy but tasty.  The Tacos al Carbon – soft tacos with marinated chicken or beef – are also a good choice.  It’s a popular restaurant and can be crowded at times.

L & J Cafe is a Mexican restaurant and bar located at 3622 East Missouri Avenue.  This restaurant offers red and green salsa to go with the chips, and both salsas are spicy but very tasty.  The chicken burritos are quite big and filling, as well as their taco salads.  You should try their flan for dessert.  L & J Cafe can also get crowded, but it’s worth the wait.  

Leo’s Mexican Restaurant and bar has six different locations in El Paso.  The restaurant’s gorditas (pocket sandwiches made of corn meal and stuffed with meat) are savory. The taco salads and burritos are great here as well.  Leo’s salsa is somewhat on the mild side, but still very good.  The restaurant’s West El Paso location at 7520 Remcon Circle offers a weekend breakfast buffet, and it’s great – there are several different kinds of scrambled eggs prepared Mexican-style, and all of them are very tasty.  

The Real Burrit-O is located at 3535 North Mesa Street, near the University of Texas at El Paso.  This is more of a fast-food restaurant, but it features authentic Mexican burritos with many different fillings.  The Pollo a la Mexicana burrito (shredded chicken) is wonderful and the restaurant offers wheat or flour tortillas.  The Mexican rice that’s offered as a side dish is savory.

These are just four of the many great restaurants in El Paso.  .

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