Tonsil Stones Treatment

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Tonsils are fleshy tissues near the opening of your throat. They are useful in your body. This is because they capture bacteria and all other micro invaders that may cause gastrointestinal tract infections among others. However tonsils can fail to function as expected when it comes to capturing bacteria, viruses and other invaders. They can also get infected and swell thus causing discomfort when swallowing food and even saliva. They can develop into tonsil stones also known as tonsilloliths.

Tonsil stones are pea-sized calcified formations that anchor themselves in one or more parts of the throat and on the crevices. They are not harmful and can only be surgically removed if you have two tonsil stones that cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

Tonsil stones symptoms

Symptoms of tonsilloliths may vary from one individual to the other. They include pain and difficulty in swallowing food and saliva, headache, fever and bad breath in severe cases. Pain when swallowing occurs because of inflammation of tonsil tissues and is common when walls of your tonsils are obstructed.

Tonsils weigh 30 to 40gms and can be removed through a minor surgical procedure. This is a popular treatment option because in takes a short recovery time. However, treatment of tonsil stones will depend on your condition. An ENT doctor will first examine your condition to check where tonsil stones are attached. You only need to control your gag reflex for examination and removal of tonsil stones.

A medic can use an inject-able numbing effect. This is to suppress gag reflex during a surgical procedure to remove the stones. This is an ideal option if you want to avoid discomforts of and inconvenience of controlling your gag reflex.

The other way to treat tonsil stones is gargling with warm salt water. This is an effective treatment option for small tonsil stones. It works by relieving swelling in the throat and other discomforts that the stones cause.

Tonsil stones can occur as a result of bacterial infection. Bacteria tend to accumulate in crevices of your throat and it can cause tonsil and other gastro-infections. Therefore, gargling salty water will help relieve tonsil symptoms and it is also effective when it comes to reducing bacterial activity in the area. Note that salt is a natural antibiotic agent. It is a home remedy that has been used across many generations. Doctors highly recommend the treatment in children and adults. It is also an excellent way of enhancing your oral health to prevent bad breath and other possible infections. The treatment offers instant results and is an excellent way to free you from throat discomfort and tonsil stones.

The bottom line is tonsil stones treatment varies from one individual to the other. It also depends on the size of your stones. Therefore, when you suspect any symptom of tonsil stones, it is imperative to seek medical advice. A medic, ENT specialist will examine your situation and recommend the best treatment option. With the right treatment, it is easy to manage and prevent recurrence of tonsil stones. Therefore, ensure to look for a well reputed, experienced, skilled and competent ENT specialist for quality treatment of tonsil stones. Additionally, ensure to maintain oral health to prevent bad breadth and bacterial infection.

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