Use Tampons: complete protection for women

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Feminine products are many in the market. Common products are sanitary pads, liners, menstrual cups and tampons. Tampons are the most convenient among all these products.  Tampons are the best option for woman who is physically active. Tampons are not new for the world. It used by Egyptians many years ago. They used cotton like substances to stuff inside the vagina to prevent the menstrual flow. They even made disposable tampons from softened papyrus.  May be these are the first disposable tampons in the world.  Greeks also used tampons years before. They made tampons by wrapping wood with lint. You can see descriptions about tampon from the writings of Hippocrates. Those writings are written in fifth century B.C.

Advantages of tampons

Anyone can put on tampons even from the first menstruation. Unlike other feminine protection products, tampons have many advantages.  Majority of the women hate menstrual periods, for its inconvenience.  More over, they need to be protected all those days.  Leakage is a disgusting problem always. This is the main drawback of external feminine protection products. You can use pads, but they leak, if menstrual flow exceeds its absorbency limit.  You can’t wear short dresses with sanitary pads. It is very difficult to wear a swimming suit or bath suit.  If you are sports woman, internal protection is the only option.  Menstrual cups and tampons are the popular internal feminine products. Within that, menstrual cups are expensive than tampons. After wearing tampon, one can do all activities with confidence. Water won’t go inside vagina after wearing tampons.

Today, tampons are available in different varieties. It is easy to carry tampons without curtailing privacy. They are compact for a small purse or pocket. Sanitary pads are used many, with some major problems. Pads can’t be fixed in a place. It will move with body movements. Tampons are free from this drawback. They are fit inside the vaginal cavity and have grips to avoid pull outs. So there won’t be a problem with misplacement.

Some facts about tampons

It is found that teen girls are a tad reluctant to use tampons at first. There is no need of fear for using tampons. Tampons are very easy to use and manage among menstrual days. Tampons contain a wad, applicator and a chord attached to the wad. Tampon wad makes from cotton or rayon.  Tampons are coming with or without applicators. Tampons without applicators are highly in demand among teen girls. There are two types of applicators, cardboard and plastic. Cardboard applicators are eco friendly and can dispose easily. Plastic applicators are very easy to insert without any pain. Tampons chord is same for all varieties, usually made up of cotton. This string helps to pull out the tampon outside, after the use. A tampon can use for maximum of eight hours. But it is better to change tampon in every four hours. Only drawback for using tampon is Toxic Shock Syndrome. This is a very rare and dangerous disease. Use tampons properly, to avoid this disease.

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