What to Eat at a Regular Restaurant when You’re a Vegetarian

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With so many people today accepting Vegetarianism and Veganism as part of normal society we are seeing more and more accommodations on menus. Even Burger King, a large fast food chain, has added a veggie burger to their menu.

However, if you are a vegetarian you know that it can be hard to find a healthy, filling meal when you are out to eat. At most places you can order a salad, but that becomes boring after awhile. If you do find something you think sounds tasty on a menu, but it has bacon bits or pieces of ham in it, you can always ask for the cook to keep that part of the recipe out. Some restaurants will even be happy to create a special item for certain customers.

There are some restaurants, mostly sit-down places, that even specialize in vegetarian items. In the St. Louis, Missouri area there are salad-bar restaurants called Sweet Tomatoes. They have a main salad bar and hot bars where you can get pasta, soup, breads, and desserts. Items non-vegetarian are marked so you don’t accidentally eat any of it. They have a “theme” every month where they create a new dish around a certain ingredient like lemons or strawberries, so you can always try something new. I loved eating there because I never left hungry and could get items catered to my diet.

Although, we all know that in many fast food restaurants don’t see vegetarians as a customer base, so when are families choose to eat there we end up with a side salad and french fries. Not the best choices. When my family goes out to eat they know about my diet so they choose a general restaurant where I can get something to eat other than salad. It’s often best, especially in large families, to choose a restaurant that has a large menu with a variety of dishes and entrees.

If you are really set on restaurants paying attention to the growing need of the American people you can always fill out a complaint or compliment form online or in the restaurant. Simply suggest they had a few vegetarian-friendly items to their menu. If you continue to do this, eventually the company will listen. Just don’t give up hope!

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